Motor Diagnosis & Treatment Ltd

Company History of MDTL

“Motor Diagnosis & Treatment Ltd” a famous modern automotive vehicle repair workshop in Dhaka, Bangladesh since 2006. From the beginning our vision was to ensure customer a better quality service in minimum time and cost by the proper diagnosis of vehicle problem.

A lot of records in our automotive service in the past, some of our customer have replaced valuable part of his car by wrong diagnosis of technicians but problem was remaining on and other problems create in his vehicle. As a result customer suffered a lot with expenses. “Motor Diagnosis & Treatment Ltd” mission is “proper diagnosis with 100% solution to fix the problem”. Please, cordially request you don’t waste your time and money.  This vehicle is one of your asset & comfort in your life.    

What we do
  1. First we request our car user and driver “Pre diagnostic question (PDQ)” and write down the problem in job card.
  2. Drive the car with the driver to find the problem physically.
  3. Use modern diagnostic equipment for diagnosis of problem by automobile engineer.
  4. After ensure the problem job transfer to a skill technician for necessary repair.
  5. Automobile engineer follow up the job progress time to time.
  6. After finish, our engineer drive the vehicle to ensure the service quality.
  7. Driver drives the car with automobile engineer and ensures the vehicle performance before the delivery.
  8. Respective engineer follow up the post service after few days of car delivery.

Vision Statement: As a multi brand service strategy make our service quality better than dealer level service. Customer will free from any kind of hassle.
Mission Statement: 100% service oriented with time limit & honesty. Customers’ satisfaction & their advice is our reward. Overall, very healthy business relationship between us.
Ethics: We are committed to the highest ethical standards in the conduct of our business. As individuals, and as a company, we will conduct ourselves with honesty, fairness and respect for human dignity.
Superior Value: We are dedicated to providing superior value in all parts installed and services performed. Quality and our desire for excellence is the heart of this commitment.

Other Facilities

  • Customer Waiting Room.
  • 24 hours Customer service.
  • Spare parts collection from abroad.
  • Quick service and service follow up.
  • Road side instant service.
  • 24 hours security service.
  • Spot vehicle inspection service.
  • Prayer room.
  • Spare parts store.